About Me
     Hello, I am Shelia Johnson,
I have been practicing Hypnosis since 2009.  In 2008 I became intrigued with the astonishing results of hypnotherapy after witnessing a demonstration by my college Proffessor Dr. James Riley Hammond.  Soon after that I attended the Dick Suphton Spiritual Hypnosis course in Orlando florida and became a certified Hypnotist in Spiritual Hypnotherapy.  I have been involved in energy healing work since 2006 having certifications in Reiki I, II, III, and Reiki Master.  I have found that Reiki and hypnosis when used together produce amazing results in healing of hearts minds and body.  as we are 3 fold you can not heal a single part without healing the others.  I have operated in the Augusta GA area from my home office and from Herbal Remedies on Columbia road in Martines since 2011, and also work in St. Petersburg FL.  Looking to extend my knowledge in the medical Hypnotherapy field I attended the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy in Tampa FL for their 500 hour course, graduating in April 2013.  I am certified through the state of Florida Education Department as a Hypnotherapist, Clinincal Hypnotherapist, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist.  My sole mission at this point in my life is to heal others to transform their lives by tapping into their own inner power and wisdom to heal the heart, the mind, and the body by changing the hurts and traumas of their past into the strength and joy of their future.  This wonderful gift lies within each and everyone of us and can be accessed by quieting the mind and journeying inward and through the illusions of this material world to find you own truth.  Hypnosis is so much more than guided medititations or hypnotic suggestions, while these are very useful tools, when hypnosis is used for real inner work to tap into your own power within to truly know, "Who you are", "Where you are from", and "Where you are going" that is when the real healing takes place.  I guess that is my true mission is to assist you on your journey to wholeness and oneness with your divine self.
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